Taylor’s Garage, Eastfield Road (1938)

The newly opened garage of LE Taylor which was on Eastfield Road opposite the entrance to what was then the Old Showground.

Pell’s Stores – Oxney Road (1978)

Gregg Earle recently got in touch in relation to a row of shops that would, today stand between the Sainsbury’s car park at Eastfield and the main Oxney Road. Gregg added, “after looking through the images of the Eastfield / Newark area of Peterborough, I couldn’t find any of where I lived in Oxney Road, Newark, Peterborough. My father owned a shop there, called Pells Stores, which sat opposite the old school. I have managed to find one picture of the shop, although quite grainy, dating back to approx 1978.”

The 1970s map at the bottom shows the row of shops but if you have any more information or recollections of this long lost location, please get in touch.

Newark Tram Terminus

Trolleybus number 10 sitting at the rural tram terminus at Newark.

Newark Petrol Station

One of Peterborough’s first “petrol stations” captured around 1904 at a location close to the Oxney Road / Eye Road junction pretty much where the bridge over the Frank Perkins Parkway is today.