Victorian Oundle Family

Two wonderful images taken at the same location in Oundle and probably dating back to the late 1890s.

The Berrystead, Oundle (1910)

The Berrystead on Duck Lane off North Street in Oundle, pictured in 1910. The house was built in the late 1600s and has been a Grade 1 listed building since 1955. Today (2016) it forms part of the Oundle School establishment.

Arthur Howitt, Oundle

A very nice horse brass from Oundle harness maker Arthur Howitt (1876-1939) who was based on Rock Road in the town.

Oundle School Rugby XV (1933)

Two images from 1933 showing the Rugby XV from Oundle School.

Oundle Cricket Club

An early photo showing Oundle Cricket Club probably from very early 1900s.

Oundle School Chapel (1922)

Oundle School Chapel on the Glapthorn Road sports ground pictured in 1922.

Remembrance Days in Oundle

The top image shows Remembrance Day 1965 at the War Memorial in Oundle. The lower image is of the same ceremony at the same location decades earlier.

Oundle School Corps

Probably the Oundle School Corps on the Glapthorn Road sports ground.

Oundle, North Street

Looking along North Street in Oundle where today (2016) the traffic light controlled section of the road is. Date unknown.

New Street, Oundle

New Street in Oundle pictured in the late 1960s.