Hallfields Lane, Paston (c.1910)

A wonderful 1910 image taken from what in 2017 would be the kids play area off Hallfields Lane and looking towards All Saints Church in Paston.

Paston Church (1914)

A young man standing at the gate to Paston Church in 1914.

Paston Ridings (c.1906)

A view along Paston Ridings around 1906 showing a large farmhouse on the right. Today the photographer would be standing with Bartram Gate on his right and Cotswold Close on his left.

Paston Valley, Fulbridge Road

Paston Valley, as it was known, off Fulbridge Road. Although the road is much changed, the “valley” area is still very recognisable today alongside Itter Park as shown in the recent image below.

Paston Rectory

An undated image showing Paston Rectory.

The Grade II listed rectory dates back to the 13th century but was remodelled in the late 16th century. A devastating fire nearly destroyed the building in the 1990s but an extensive restoration project returned it to private use in 2000.

John Clare, Paston (1970s)

The John Clare pub on Hallfields Lane, Paston in the 1970s.

Paston (1967)

Paston Church pictured in 1967 with Hallfields Lane to the left and the houses of Cambrian Way in the distance.

Election Calling Card (1957)

A calling card from the 9th May 1957 General Election promoting Conservative candidate William Exton Wilkinson who was a Peterborough born Walton resident and a WW2 veteran who survived four years as a Japanese POW.

Paston Plans (1965)

Plans for the development of Paston as featured in the Peterborough Standard in 1965.

Fulbridge Road (1931)

A trench being dug along Fulbridge Road for “drainage pipes” in January 1931.