St Judiths Lane, Sawtry (1905)

St Judiths Lane, Sawtry in 1905 around the site of today’s playing fields car park.

The old thatch cottage was owned by the Wiles family and it caught fire in the late 1970s and was replaced with a pre-fab bungalow. The bungalow was lived in until sometime in the 1990s when Bill and Marie Wiles passed away, after which it was knocked down and the house that is there now was built on the land.

Sawtry Corn Mill

An early 1900s photo of Sawtry corn mill off Green End Road near the junction with Gidding Road and, below, sacks of corn being loaded in the yard onto trucks from Lough Transport of nearby Holme.

Wilcocks Garage, Sawtry

A battered car from a crash on the Great North Road being towed into the nearby garage of CM Wilcocks in Sawtry who also ran a roadside cafe in a building just out of the top picture to the left.

Sawtry Post Office (1909)

The Post Office on Green End Road, Sawtry pictured in 1909 with sub-postmistress Laura Parsons (1858-1923) in the doorway. Laura worked with her sister Helen Parsons and they also shared lodgings with Yorkshire born head school teacher Annie Bell.

The sign above the door to the right advertises “Mrs Bell, Dressmaker” who was locally born Rose Bell while far right is the Grocer, Draper and Provisions Store of Anna and Kate Clayson.