Stanground Floods (1912)

Another part of Peterborough suffering from the floods of August 1912. This time it’s the Stanground Lode in flood with the view taken from the bridge on what is today South Street looking back into Stanground and the junction with Church Street.

Stanground Manor House Fire (1899)

A wonderful but devastating image showing the end of the Stanground Manor House after a fire in the early hours of Sunday 8th January 1899. The house was the residence of Irishman John Selby.

The fire broke out in the library and spread rapidly, sending all the inhabitants fleeing in their night clothes and destroying many valuable paintings, silverware and other artifacts.

Three fire brigades battled vainly to halt the fire but the Peterborough Brigade’s steam tender had an accident on route to the fire and was rendered of no use.

The Manor House was sited behind the parish church, underneath today’s Burystead, but fortunately the prevailing winds blew the flames away from the church.

Stanground Fire Station (1977)

The opening of the Stanground Fire Station in 1977 with the top image featuring the “first watch” made up of Back (L-R): Keith Hibbert, Keith Rimes, Roger Muncey, Dave Stroud. Front (L-R): Stuart Kirkby, Terry Nash, Steve Dawe.

Southfields Brownies (2002)

The original 1960s flag (left) and a 2002 replacement flag (right) with the Southfields Brownies after being dedicated in early 2002.

Front row L-R are 7 year olds Mhairi Meichan, Lauren Ross and Sophie Clark.

Burrell’s Steam Engine (1965)

Thanks to Geoff Sutton for these excellent images from 1965. Geoff comments ……

I was 21 years of age in 1965 and staying with my parents on Farcet Road during the summer holidays. From the garden I heard an unusual sound from the road so I went to the front of the house and saw the approach of a showman’s steam vehicle.

I dashed inside to get my camera but was too late to get a shot as the engine had passed by. I then went off in pursuit on my bicycle and caught up with it on what was then the new(ish) Stanground bypass, took a picture, and followed it to its destination. That was to be the old bus station in Bishops Road where it parked on the pedestrian area in front of the old toilet block as an exhibit for all to see.

I’m not sure whether this was in conjunction with any other event but it drew quite a crowd. The date was 10th July 1965. I understand that the vehicle is still attending shows on a regular basis and is in fine condition.

The vehicle, at that time, was owned by a Mr Chamberlain of Farcet.

The locomotive details are:-
Burrell Showman’s Road Locomotive
Builders Number 3912 of 1921
Registration Number CO 4485
Name “Dragon”

Message from Egypt (1916)

A simple postcard message from the military barracks at Abbassia Barracks in Egypt in 1916 stating “A very jolly Christmas to you all – love Cousin Ted” !

The card was posted to Master W Browning of the Browning family who lived in Stanground at the time.

Black Bridge Fire 1963

Notice of railway disruption in 1963 after the old wooden bridge over the Nene at Stanground, known locally as “Black Bridge”, was destroyed by fire. The name was derived from the thick dark tar that coated and preserved the timbers but which ultimately, when exposed to the fire, hastened its end. 

1912 Floods at Stanground

Three images from late August 1912 at the end of a week of heavy rains that caused extensive flooding around the city, no less so than at Stanground where the Lode overflowed to give flood depths of up to four feet on the main road into the city.

The first shot was taken from the Green in Stanground with Church Street on the left and South Street on the right. The mass of bodies on the top left are actually preparing to cross the green on a council run dray – the only dry means to cross the flooded area !