Walton (School ?) Football Club (1949/50)

From the ages, this may well be Walton School football team captured during the 1949/50 season.

Focus Do It All, Lincoln Road (2001)

The old Focus Do-It-All store on the Brotherhoods Retail Park in the summer of 2001 ….. now the site of Marks & Spencer.

Lincoln Road, Walton (c.1908)

Looking along Lincoln Road towards Peterborough from a location that would, today, be around the junction of Kelso Court and Lincoln Road with the buildings on the site of the old Royal Oak pub.

POW Letter from Paston Lane (1944)

A failed attempt to get a letter from Paston Lane to POW Camp Stalag X1B in 1944. The camp was located just to the east of the town of Fallingbostel in Lower Saxony in north-western Germany.

The first prisoners to arrive at the camp were Poles in late 1939, followed by French and Belgians the following year. By the end of 1940 around 40,000 POW were registered there, although only about 2,500 of these were housed at the camp, with the majority assigned to various “work camps” in the area.

General Montgomery’s Ninth Division liberated Stalag X1B in early 1945 (see bottom image).

Steam passing Walton (1963)

A wonderfully dirty Jubilee Class #45667 “Jellicoe” heading south alongside the Brotherhoods factory at Walton in 1963.

Paul Pry, Lincoln Road (1960s)

The Paul Pry on Lincoln Road pictured in the 1960s.

Royal Oak, Walton

An early photo of the Royal Oak on Lincoln Road, Walton showing landlord James Malt who was listed as running the pub in 1940 which may give clues as to the date of the image.

The pub closed in 2008.

Steam at Walton (1964)

New England based Ivatt 4F-A #43087 working a mixed freight train through Walton in 1964. Built in 1950, this 59 ton workhorse continued service until shortly after this photo was taken when it was withdrawn and cut up at Norwich’s King & Sons Ltd yard.

Royal Oak, Walton (1970s)

The Royal Oak on Lincoln Road, Walton in the 1970s.

Lime Tree, Paston Lane (1970s)

The Lime Tree on Paston Lane, Walton in the 1970s.