RAF Peterborough (1937)

The newly opened No.7 Flying Training School Peterborough at Westwood Airfield in 1937, one of five additional service schools formed under the RAF expansion scheme. The top picture shows a navigation class in progress and the lower shows RAF cadets on the airfield.

Westwood Airfield

An early image showing Westwood Airfield, formerly known as Walton Airfield.

British Air Ministry description ……… “Line up of men and S.E.5A fighter aircraft of No. 1 Squadron RAF. Aircraft with serial numbers C1114 and B8254 visible in line up”

Baker Perkins Apprentice School (1954)

The building of and opening of the Baker Perkins Apprentice School on Westfield Road which was constructed from December 1952 and officially opened in January 1954. Although the Baker Perkins Westwood Works site was levelled in 2003, the Apprentice School remains standing and in use today.

Freemans, Westwood (2001)

The Westwood site of Freemans catalogue shopping warehouse which opened in Peterborough in 1969 and closed forty years later in late 2009. At one point, the site provided employment for more than 3,000 workers.

Freemans Factory, Westwood (1970s)

Probably dating to the 1970s, this was the Freemans Factory in Westwood which moved to the city in 1969 and closed exactly 40 years later.

The automated distribution centre was the first in the UK to post goods in plastic packaging along with the first to generate heat from waste packaging.

BEA Helicopter Mail (1948)

Four “first day covers” commemorating British European Airways first official Helicopter Mail service from Peterborough to Cromer, Great Yarmouth, Norwich and Thetford.

The helicopter mail was an experimental service using a fleet of five helicopters from the USA (three Sikorsky S-51s and two Bell 47s). Dummy runs were made from their base in Yeovil and proved successful so an official service was launched on 1st June 1946 from Westwood Airfield, Peterborough to numerous destinations to the East.

The service continued until March 1950.

RAF Westwood Hangar Fire (1977)

The aftermath of a fire that damaged the old aircraft hangar at Westwood in 1977. The hangar was a survivor from the RAF Westwood site and had been earmarked for development as an indoor sports centre.

The fire, combined with a number of accidents involving children playing in the old buildings, eventually saw most of the surviving buildings levelled.

Luftwaffe Bombing Map – Baker Perkins (1942)

A fascinating German Luftwaffe bombing map showing the Westwood area and, in particular, the RAF Peterborough airfield (marked as “GB 10 175”), the railway yard (marked as “GB 409”) and Baker Perkins (marked as “GB 82 58”).

Many thanks to Tony Laud for submitting this one.

Steve Allen Discotheques

A familiar name in 1970s and 1980s Peterborough, believed to be pictured outside the Halcyon pub in Westwood.

From our Facebook group ……

  • Dawn Bester My Dad used to work for Steve Allen too.
  • Jane Abbott Mr Entertainment!
  • John Watts Best venue.. Cloud Nine
  • Cheryl Altadonna My mum work for steve allen
  • David Fairchild Steve Allen was “guest” DJ at East Coast Soul weekend last year, filled the stage with style
  • Steven Fagioli Think that’s Stuart Skipworth, Pete Mills, Dave Palmer, Dunno?, Steve Allen. Looks like the Halcyon.
  • Dave Bradley yes it’s the Halcyon Steven !
  • Jane Abbott Diesn’t Stuart Skipworth do Northern Soul nights?
  • Peter Tibbs The person next to Dave Palmer is Paul Collins
  • Dave Bradley I seem to remember your face Peter, did you go to Eastholm ?
  • Peter Tibbs Yes I did Dave
  • Dave Bradley Thought so Peter!,you were a year or so above me , but remember talking to you at Steve Allen gigs in the 70’s and at the Wirrina !
  • Peter Tibbs Used to live down on the Eastfield Road ops Prince of Wales and later the super burger ,worked. Down the Wirrina for many years and was a DJ with Steve Alan disco, also carpenter at Jelling Builders
  • Dave Bradley I lived on Oxney Rd and was a plumber for my dad’s firm when I left school in 75, was supposed to have left in 74 but they changed the leaving age !
  • Sharon Conner Steve Allen did the disco at my wedding in 1984.
  • Julie Kirby Is that Dave Palmer that worked at Baker Perkins Steven Fagioli if so he was Neil’s best man
  • Steven Fagioli Yes it is. He was in the year above me at BP. Was working for Titex tooling last time I saw him at the NEC, doing a live demo. Have seen him out in Carluccios and various other places round town Julie. He used to work very near Neil at BP.
  • Julie Kirby Havent seen him in years, next time you see him say hello for us.

Nissen Hut, Westwood (c.1947)

Not sure on the details behind this one but believed to be sited on or around the RAF Peterborough Westwood site and dating back to 1947. Image courtesy of Kerry Cole.

From our Facebook Group ………

  • Theresa Kehoe I think my uncle used to live in one of these..remember my mum telling me..although I never knew what one was.
  • John Newell These are the type I  remember being in the Brotherhoods sports fields!
  • Jan Bearman-Brown Some were amazingly large inside..and were there decades after WW2.
  • Barbara Dry Is this down Newark avenue I remember a couple there opposite wyats
  • Kerry Cole I asked my dad he said it was Westwood airdrome