Main Street, Yaxley

A lovely undated image showing Main Street in Yaxley with the Girls and Infants School in the distance on the right. This would today have been taken somewhere close to the junction with Blenheim Way.

Ticket to Yaxley & Farcet Station (1955)

A third class single ticket from Peterborough North to the old station at Yaxley & Farcet issued on 16th October 1955.

The station, which was sited just south of the Broadway Bridge, opened in 1890 as simply Yaxley Station before being renamed Yaxley & Farcet in 1895. It closed in the early part of 1959.

Yaxley Boys School

A bruised and battered but wonderful image showing the old Yaxley (Endowed) Boys School, opened in 1848 – date unknown. The building still stands on Main Street today.

Yaxley Village Hall (1922)

Yaxley Village Hall pictured in 1922, shortly after opening at its site on Back Lane.

The Hall was used as a school extension during the war in order to cope with the number of evacuees in the village and is still standing in 2014.