Dogsthorpe, The Smithy c.1958

Haven’t been able to work out where The Smithy was other than it was in Dogsthorpe but Nigel Dickinson adds …… “the Smithy at Dogsthorpe was on the corner just along from the old Bluebell Inn.  At the time of the photo, the blacksmith was Mr Starling (Frank, I believe) helped by his son John.”

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  1. Having lived at 7, Birchtree Avenue, Dogsthorpe from 1945 until 1966, I have very clear memories of the Blacksmith in Welland Road. The Smithy, Frank Starling, was an industrious man & the ringing of his anvil could often be heard well into the evening throughout the week. Although he was a man of few words, he did not object to me & my neighbourhood friends watching him at work, shoeing horses or bending red-hot metal, standing as close as we dare before his stern, warning stare made us retreat a few steps. The glow of horseshoes freshly pulled from out the open furnace and the smell of scorched horse’s hooves remain to this day a part of my childhood memories.
    As a young lad, I knew Mrs Curtis who lived in the bungalow shown on the left in the photograph. For a year or two, in the early ’50s, my Saturday morning job was to clean out her poultry shed and lay fresh straw. I received two shillings, always in the form of a florin (20p), and 6 fresh eggs which were usually breakfast on Sunday mornings.

  2. The above photo has to be taken during the 1960s,note the Ford Anglia van to the left of the Smithy’s.Further to the left was a Esso garage I think by the name Jepson or Jepsons.

  3. I was evacuated to the bungalow next to the smithy from 1940 to 1945 which was owned by a Mrs Curtis who also owned the house on the other side of the smithy (7 Welland Rd ) To the left of the bungalow was a drive to the farm. I visited the area a few years ago and could not believe the changes that had taken place.

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