Hunts Cyclists Battalion

A superb set of four images showing recruits for the Hunts Cyclists Battalion marching down to Peterborough North Station and onto a train on 29th October 1914.

The Battalion were recruited to serve as a “home guard” operation based on the Yorkshire/Lincolnshire coast but this role proved largely irrelevant and short lived and many of the recruits were shipped out to the front line in Europe.

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  1. Hi, These are a series of photos of which my grandfather had two and have posted them to Hunts Cyclist Battalion site run by Martyn Smith. They are two diferent occations as my grandfather said to me that they marched to Huntingdon from Fletton. The other two photos show men in uniform with their bikes and were taker a while later and well reported on the Hunts cyclists site. regards Vaughan Cullen

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