The Bell, Stilton

Probably shot in the late 1950s, if not the early 1960s, an interesting shot if only by virtue of the absent elaborate signage that usually highlights the Bell ….. just a modest little sign at this time !

1912 Floods at Stanground

Three images from late August 1912 at the end of a week of heavy rains that caused extensive flooding around the city, no less so than at Stanground where the Lode overflowed to give flood depths of up to four feet on the main road into the city.

The first shot was taken from the Green in Stanground with Church Street on the left and South Street on the right. The mass of bodies on the top left are actually preparing to cross the green on a council run dray – the only dry means to cross the flooded area !

Sawtry Hunt

Two early images showing Sawtry Hunt – although it is hard to find any reference of a hunt based in the area over the years.

The top image shows the hunt passing or even setting off from the village green and the second shot shows the hounds gathered at Whitehall south of Sawtry.

Riot in Westgate

The date was 4th August 1914, just a few days after the outbreak of the first world war and a mob formed in Westgate that turned on any business with even the most tenuous of links to the “enemy” !

The white building on the middle left was and still is the Bull Hotel.

Peakirk – War Memorial

Dating back to the early 1920s, this photograph was marked “War Memorial, Peakirk” which suggests it may have been an official unveiling of the memorial which is sited on the inside wall of St Pega’s Church in the village and that may give a clue as to the exact location of this photograph with the church probably on the immediate right of the photographer.


Thorney Windmill

A 1915 scene, looking along what was until recently the busy A47 as you enter Thorney with the windmill on the left …… the A47 now bypasses Thorney returning this road to somewhere nearer the quiet scene pictured.

Thorney Windmill was built of limestone and brick in 1787 with six sails. During its existance, it has been through many changes of owner and most of all – many changes of paintwork ! The windmill is 6 storeys high, about 92 feet tall and sits on The Causeway, Thorney – previously named Peterborough Road.

During the second world war, four German prisoners of war used the mill as a base. The sails fell off in the early 1930’s and the original roof collapsed some years later. In 1989, the mill’s shell was converted into a private dwelling by a local builder and has been a private home ever since.

Peterborough Museum Mk I

This old photograph was restored from a very faded print that showed little of interest but it now shows, behind the local milk delivery cart (marked “Maxwell”), a sign in the background marked “Peterborough Museum”.

This must have been the museum that existed prior to the move to the Priestgate site used today which dates this image as pre-1930 and possibly places it in Park Road where the museum was based between 1923 and 1929.

UPDATE: Many thanks to Peter Hannan who correctly identified the location as being in the Cathedral Precincts opposite the cathedral front and has submitted today’s version of the scene below ! 

Adam’s Mill, Lincoln Road, Millfield

A scene you’d struggle to recognise today of Lincoln Road, looking out towards Millfield in the distance and showing what was then the major landmark in the area, Adam’s Mill.

John Adams took over the mill in 1846 having formerly operated the mill at Fletton (Tower Mill) and it became known locally as “Adam’s Mill”. The mill stopped working around 1916 and was largely derelict by 1923. In 1937, it was sold to garage owners for redevelopment hence the local “Adam’s Garage” and “Adams of Peterborough”, as well as the nearby Windmill public house and Windmill Road. The stump of the old mill remained on the forecourt of the garage until very recently.

Today the site is covered by the Jet petrol station, albeit the Windmill Pub continues to do business directly across the road.