Oundle Station (1933)

Webb 2-4-2T #6601 pictured at Oundle in 1933. Built 30/09/1890 at Crewe, #6601 became #46601 and was scrapped in 1953 after serving many years on the Nene Valley line.

“Woodcock” at Peterborough North (1960)

New England based A4 #60029 “Woodcock” running light engine into Peterborough North in 1960.

Black Horse Inn, Westgate (c.1900)

In 2017, the photographer would be standing at the John Lewis end of the Wortley Almshouses and looking across to the corner of Westgate and Lincoln Road. This image shows the view around 1900 with the Black Horse Inn far left and the iron fencing far right that protected Peterborough’s first underground toilets in the middle of Westgate !

Peterborough Football Team (1905)

A mystery image of a football team dating from March 1905 and marked on the rear as “PRFC”.

“Lord Faringdon” at Peterborough North (1950)

LNER A4 #60034 “Lord Faringdon” cruising into Peterborough North with an up express train for Kings Cross in 1950.

Kettle & Son, Door Plate

A cast iron door plate marked Kettle & Son who may well be George Kettle Senior and George Kettle Junior. George Senior was born on the Elton estate in 1843 and, along with his son, worked as an engine fitter on the railways in the late 1800s but by the early 1900s the family had moved to School Place off Albert Place where George Senior was operating as an “iron planer”.

GNR Ivatt F3 at New England (1920)

A superb 1920 image showing GNR Ivatt F3 #58A at New England. These engines dated well back into the latter 1800s and continued through to 1922.

A Daily Mail “official war postcard” from 1918 being used by Cowgate based hardware merchant Thomas William Rogers.

Car 14 At Walton

A battered old image showing tram car #14 at the Walton Terminus on Lincoln Road.


Thorney in the early 1900s – exact location unknown but the walls might suggest somewhere close to the Abbey.