St Peters Training College

A colour-tinted image showing the rear of St Peter’s Training College – date unknown.

Peterborough Markets

A 1970s shot covering Cattle Market Road with the cattle market itself in the distance and the more familiar general market in the foreground.

The Bell, Stilton

The early post supported sign at The Bell at Stilton.

Date unknown but the Huntingdon based Marshall Brothers brewery dates it to between 1910 and 1932.

Bridge Street Construction (1962)

Bridge Street in 1962 with the Marks & Spencer store being constructed between Halfords (right) and the original Woolworths store (left).

Threshing at Sawtry

What appears to be an early threshing machine in operation in the Sawtry area ….. date unknown.

Peterborough Flax Pullers (1918)

A team of flax pullers pictured in 1918 with their lorry carrying the proud slogan “pull it clean”.

Farmers during both WW1 and WW2 were encouraged to grow flax which was then removed, complete with roots, by hand and left to soak for several days before being laid out on the land to dry. Once dried, the bundles of flax were transported to Scutching Mills to complete a process of turning it into a fine linen that was used to cover the bodywork of aircraft.

This image is captured in Peterborough but the exact location is unknown.

Bridge Street Construction (1970)

Bridge Street in 1970 with the new Woolworths (now TKMaxx) building taking shape alongside and totally dwarfing the older premises of MacFisheries. Across the road to the left is Morleys.

Tram Ticket

A 1920s Peterborough tram ticket.

“WKM” was ‘Workman’s Return’, which was a type of fare for early morning workers. It was cheaper than an ‘Ordinary Return’ (which is the “ORD”) in that you could travel further for your money.

The cheaper ‘Workman’s Return’ seemed to be a tram or trolleybus in most towns and cities and was done away with when diesel buses took over.

The “W” on the sides is just a place for the conductor to clip a hole for a Workmans fare, and “R” for an ordinary Return.

In the case of this ticket, it is a 6d single ‘In’ being an inward journey towards town.

A return ticket would be punched on each side, once on each leg of the round trip.

Council Steam Engine

A Hunts Council Steam Engine at an unknown location but very possibly in or around Sawtry.

Tram #11 on Long Causeway

A wonderful Edwardian scene at the Long Causeway tram terminus as two immaculately dressed ladies prepare to board Car #11.