Peterborough Coffee House, Exchange Street (c.1909)

Before Costa Coffee and Starbucks, we had the Peterborough Coffee House Company !

Situated on the corner of Exchange Street and Queen Street from the early 1880s, the PCHC also ran the Fitzwilliam Coffee House at the junction of New Road and City Road and also the Bedford Temperance Hotel on Queen Street.

One thought on “Peterborough Coffee House, Exchange Street (c.1909)

  1. This was the place to be seen in the mid to late 1950s if you were still at school and wanted to look grown up. At that time it was known as “The Mod” which was a shortened version of the full title which I have now forgotten. We would dash down to the place after school and park our (push)bikes outside unattended at the pavement edge. I suppose that if that were to be done nowadays the bikes would be gone in 60 seconds.

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