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I have collected very many postcards and photographs over the years but having reference books to refer to has been invaluable in constructing this online library. In particular, I am indebted to the knowledge and printed works of local historians June & Vernon Bull, Judy Bunten, Rita McKenzie, Stephen Perry and Roy Sturgess whose postcard based pictorial history books are an absolute must have.

I am also very grateful to the family of Ramon Kitchin for allowing me to share the fantastic Kitchin collection and give the photographs and the photographer the long overdue publicity they deserve.

I am also hugely indebted to the many individuals who kindly contributed images, prints and postcards during the years of the previous website.

Further references to the following to whom I am indebted ………

The CAMUS project – http://www.thearchive.org.uk

Thorney Heritage Museum

Marcus Thompson

Colour-Rail @ http://www.colourrail.com

Westwood Works – www.westwoodworks.net

Baker Perkins Historical Society – www.bphs.net