Cathedral Square fountains – June 2010

The long awaited switching on of the Cathedral Square fountains took place in early June 2010 ..... much to the delight of local kids...

Market Square c.1907

A busy market place c.1907. George Meadows adds, "it would be nice if it could be recorded that the man bottom left standing in front...

Bell & Oak through the arches

Looking through the Guildhall arches to the Bell & Oak public house. Thanks to Chris Allen for this image.

Tilbury & Sons Ginger Beer Bottles

Two ginger beer bottles from Tilbury & Sons who can be traced back to High Wycombe born John Tilbury who was publican at the...

Market Place – Magic Lantern Slide

An early 1900s Magic Lantern slide showing Market Place. The Magic Lantern was a very early projector, originally for hand drawn slides and later...

Cathedral Square Toilets

Familiar to so many Peterborians of a certain age ..... the underground toilets on Cathedral Square !

Bus on Church Street (1970s)

A Park Farm bus turns from Long Causeway into Church Street in the early 1970s. Image kindly supplied by Mark Warrick from his Flikr page...

Visit of Prince George (1929)

A series of wonderful images kindly contributed by April Plant and showing scenes from the royal visit of Prince George on 28th June 1929....

Peterborough Cathedral – Tuck Postcard

A superb Edwardian postcard issued by Raphael Tuck & Sons who were one of the pioneers of artistic picture postcards, dating back to 1866...

Great War Recruits (1914)

Brave young men marching from the Army Recruitment Office off Market Place after signing up to defend their country on Monday 12th October 1914.