Werners Westwood Works

A nortbound steam train passes the recently built Westwood Works of German engineering firm Werner, Pfleiderer & Perkins that subsequently changed its name to...

Crescent Bridge c.1913

Excellent image showing what the photograph declared as the "new bridge" which would date this one to c.1913, the date that Crescent Bridge opened. In...

Peterborough East Station

Fantastic view looking east towards a smoky Peterborough East Station.

Peterborough North Railway Station c.1910

Peterborough North station was built in 1850 and this version was demolished in 1976 to make way for today's version.

Peterborough North Railway Station c.1906

Note the horse-drawn carriages that would have belonged to the Great Northern Hotel (right) and used to transport passengers into the city.

Peterborough East Railway Station c.1934

From the days when Peterborough had two very busy railway stations ! The station was opened as Peterborough with East being added on 1st July 1923. The...

Great Eastern Level Crossing

A superb photograph of the old Great Eastern level crossing that caused plenty of chaos on the busy London Road route into the city. The...

Steam in the Fifties

The railways as they used to be in Peterborough with L.N.E.R. 4-6-0 Class B17 61654 "Sunderland" turning up from Peterborough East station (background right)...

Opening of Crescent Bridge

The city mayor leads a party of dignatories across the newly opened Crescent Bridge in 1913. The bridge was named after a small row of...