Nene in Flood (1903)

A 1903 image looking downstream towards the old Town Bridge in 1903 and probably in June which is still recorded as one of the wettest months on record, causing widespread flooding across the country.
A 1913 catalogue from Alice Marie Pym's nursery on Oundle Road, Woodston.
Details from a wedding reception held at the Kit Kat on Broadway in 1953

Peterborough Wedding

A lovely early 1900s wedding party from somewhere in the Peterborough area.

Peakirk Road, Glinton

A view along Peakirk Road in Glinton during the 1950s.
A British Road Services (Peterborough Group) Foden six wheel rigid flat lorry ..... date unknown.
A not untypically sized Peterborough family pictured somewhere in the city during the 1920s.
A 1927 legal conveyance document for 153 and 155 Gladstone Street.
BR Class 55 Deltic #55018 "Ballymoss" waiting at Platform 4 with a northbound train in 1980, one year before being withdrawn and cut up at Doncaster just short of its 20th birthday.

Newark Village

Newark Village in the early years of the 1900s and a scene today that would be near to the busy traffic light controlled junction, looking away down Eye Road from Eastfield Road.

Newark Cottage

A delightful old cottage on Oxney Road next to the village school (far left). The village of Newark largely sat where today's parkway junction next to Eastfield Sainsburys is and these cottages would sit under today's exit road from...


Nothing is known about this image other than it is likely to come from Baston !

Baston Pond

The village pond in Baston village that sat outside Hall Farm and opposite today's Thetford Avenue.
A spectacular photo from 4th December 1910 showing floods alongside Lolham railway crossing.

Woodston Wedding (1911)

A wonderful wedding from Woodston on 28th May 1911 and featuring the bride Jane Smith, aged 35, and the groom, John Holland, aged 84 ! The happy marriage lasted seven years before John passed away !

Peterborough RAF FC

Peterborough RAF FC pictured around 1927.
A member of Peterborough Athletic Club about to take part in a cycle race in 1912.

Fengate Post Mill

A rare image looking down from the old Fengate Post Mill - out of image left. Also known as Peterborough Post Mill, it is thought to have been built in the eary 1700s and it ceased work in 1903 but...

Evening Follies (1933)

A promotional card for the multi-talented "Evening Follies" three week residence at The Empire on Broadway in April 1933.
A lovely set of images donated by Ray Cole and showing three sports teams from Lincoln Road Boys School, namely the 1935/6 Football Team, the Senior School Cricket Team and the 1935 Physical training Team.