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Horrell’s Dairies, Westwood 1954

An immaculate line up of horse drawn milk carts in 1954.

Don Phillips has added, “I am trying to find out about my maternal grandfather, George Cross. He was a milk roundsman for Horrell’s and died at the Bungalow, Westwood Farm in 1947 aged 53. Apart from that I know nothing.  Anyone know anybody who might remember him?  Marcus Horrell has already been very helpful, but George Cross was before his time!” If you can help, get in touch with Don at donuk@tesco.net.

Gillian has also commented, “Oh my gosh, my husband used to be one of Horrells milkmen with one of these carts ! I used to go with him sometimes and give our little boys a ride! He woould have been there in 1965 or 1966 – I remember being a little scared on the bridges when there was ice on the road but the horse never let us down! We lived in the Caravan park next to the dairy!”