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Peterborough North Station

A faded but fascinating image taken under the canopy at Peterborough North - undated.

Peterborough East Station 1957

A smoky scene at Peterborough East Station in 1957.

Elton Railway Station (1960s)

An overgrown Elton Station in the 1960s reflecting the fact that the station had closed in late 1953. The line stayed in use for...

End of the line for Wansford Road Station c.1945

Lovely image, if a little sad for railway enthusiasts,  showing the derelict site of Wansford Road railway station which had been closed for at least...

Sutton (Wansford Road) Station c.1930

Wansford Road station looking towards Stamford with the cattle pens and loading area just beyond the station on the left. Sheep travelling to market...

Wansford Station c.1900

Wansford station early in the 1900s with a Sutton (Wansford Road) train awaiting departure from the island platform.

Steam at Castor Station

A Peterborough East to Rugby train arriving at Castor Station - date unknown.

Castor Station c.1930

Looking towards Wansford, Castor Station pictured early in the 1930s.

Castor Station

The booking office in the foreground and, across the tracks, the Station Master's House at Castor Station - date unknown.

Peterborough North Station

An atmospheric shot from under the canopy of Peterborough North Station - probably in the late 1950s.

Oundle Railway Station 1957

Looking east towards Peterborough on 25/05/1957 - some six years prior to the line being closed to passenger traffic.

Helpston Railway Station

The old Midland Railway station that was sited just on the Peterborough side of the main level crossing in the village. The station opened as...

Wansford Station

No idea of the date for this one but I suspect it is 1950s rather than earlier.

Steam at Peterborough East station

No idea of date but a classic LMS loco waiting to depart from Peterborough East station.

Oundle Station

Absolutely no date on this image of Oundle Station which appears to be the eastern end of the station with the spur line heading...

Walton Railway Station

Looking back towards Peterborough, you can just about make out Sage's Tower on the far left. Walton station only served the Midland Railway even though...

Eye Green Railway Station c.1920

The station building for Eye Green on the Midland & Great Northern Line between Peterborough and Wisbech. The station closed to all trains in...

Peterborough North Station interior c.1910

Under the canopy at Peterborough North Station with a fantastic selection of platform stores and vintage enamel signs.

Peterborough Station c.1922

A superb view from Crescent Bridge looking across to Peterborough North Station and with the Crescent Corn Stores in the foreground. Ellis & Everard...

Peterborough Station c.1912

A wonderful image of Peterborough Station that can be dated to c.1912 by the early framework for Crescent Bridge on the left and right...