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LNWR Depot and Bridge – 1932

Superb shot which I initially believed was looking across the Nene to Black Bridge and the Stanground backwater beyond in August 1932. However, I now tend to agree with Geoff Sutton who has researched the image and concludes ……….

I visited Black Bridge many times as a boy, approaching across open fields (marshes – now built over) from the Stanground direction.   As the Black Bridge was a completely wooden structure prior to the fire in 1963, I began to question whether the view was of this location at all. Ever one to investigate a mystery I have done some reseach and have come up with what I am sure is the real location of this photo.

I am absolutely convinced that the image shows the LNWR loco depot which was eventually demolished (long after it fell out of use) to make way for the railway museum (Railworld) which now occupies the site. The picture appears to have been taken from the north side of the river looking south long before the new power station and its associated clutter were built. It would appear that the cyclists are on the riverside footpath which, as kids, we approached from the Crescent bridge area via River Lane.

           It looks as though the photo illustrates a time when the bridge over the river was in the process of replacement or widening as the girder section does not appear to be complete. Closer scrutiny reveals the gable ended building which was the lodging house for LNWR train crews and just discernable is the main LNWR line to Rugby passing in front of it. This building was on the opposite side of the tracks to the shed. In the distance the row of trees marks the line of Oundle Road and the houses at the beginning of Woodston. There was (is?) a recreation ground beyond the trees when I knew it.”