Ray Allan Band

The Ray Allan Band pictured somewhere in Peterborough in late 1950s/early 1960s.

Kenny Colson Band

The Kenny Colson band pictured somewhere in Peterborough on a 1960s dance night.

Terry Mann Band

The popular Terry Mann Band who were a regular entertainment in the city over many years. The two images show them in 1968 and...

Poverty Street

Peterborough band "Poverty Street", L-R: Rick Salmon, Mick Davison, Tom Collier and in front, Eddie Duff. Dated around 1982.

Halcyon Rehearsal Rooms (1977)

The rehearsal rooms at the rear of the Halcyon pub in 1977 ...... a very lively music venue at the time that even played...

Johnny Duncan & The Blue Grass Boys (1957)

American star Johnny Duncan and his skiffle group The Blue Grass Boys pictured after a publicity appearance at the Chapman's Record Store on Long...

Studio Rockers

1980s band the Studio Rockers From our Facebook group ...... Sandra Saira Ibrahim Marsh Loved these guys and still close to some now. Fitzroy Moore, Errol...

Steve Allen Discotheques

A familiar name in 1970s and 1980s Peterborough, believed to be pictured outside the Halcyon pub in Westwood. From our Facebook group ...... Dawn Bester My...