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Steve Allen Discotheques

A familiar name in 1970s and 1980s Peterborough, believed to be pictured outside the Halcyon pub in Westwood.

From our Facebook group ……

  • Dawn Bester My Dad used to work for Steve Allen too.
  • Jane Abbott Mr Entertainment!
  • John Watts Best venue.. Cloud Nine
  • Cheryl Altadonna My mum work for steve allen
  • David Fairchild Steve Allen was “guest” DJ at East Coast Soul weekend last year, filled the stage with style
  • Steven Fagioli Think that’s Stuart Skipworth, Pete Mills, Dave Palmer, Dunno?, Steve Allen. Looks like the Halcyon.
  • Dave Bradley yes it’s the Halcyon Steven !
  • Jane Abbott Diesn’t Stuart Skipworth do Northern Soul nights?
  • Peter Tibbs The person next to Dave Palmer is Paul Collins
  • Dave Bradley I seem to remember your face Peter, did you go to Eastholm ?
  • Peter Tibbs Yes I did Dave
  • Dave Bradley Thought so Peter!,you were a year or so above me , but remember talking to you at Steve Allen gigs in the 70’s and at the Wirrina !
  • Peter Tibbs Used to live down on the Eastfield Road ops Prince of Wales and later the super burger ,worked. Down the Wirrina for many years and was a DJ with Steve Alan disco, also carpenter at Jelling Builders
  • Dave Bradley I lived on Oxney Rd and was a plumber for my dad’s firm when I left school in 75, was supposed to have left in 74 but they changed the leaving age !
  • Sharon Conner Steve Allen did the disco at my wedding in 1984.
  • Julie Kirby Is that Dave Palmer that worked at Baker Perkins Steven Fagioli if so he was Neil’s best man
  • Steven Fagioli Yes it is. He was in the year above me at BP. Was working for Titex tooling last time I saw him at the NEC, doing a live demo. Have seen him out in Carluccios and various other places round town Julie. He used to work very near Neil at BP.
  • Julie Kirby Havent seen him in years, next time you see him say hello for us.