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Eastfield Showground – Co-Operative Dairy (1930s)

A lovely image from the Peterborough Showground at Eastfield in the 1930s, submitted by Geoff Sutton.

Geoff adds, “this picture hung on the wall of my parents home when we all lived in Peterborough and since their deaths has resided in my photograph drawer. It seems to have withstood the passage of time quite well so you may like to add it to the website.

My father worked for the Cooperative Dairy in Midland Road for all of his working life and in the early days milk was delivered to households by jug from churns on the horse drawn trap. My father’s horse was named Tony and the picture shows my father, Syd Sutton, and Tony as an entry (number 276) at the Peterborough Show. I think that it must have been taken sometime in the 1930s and I believe that the showground was at Eastfield at that time. If anyone can fill out the details from Show Society records or memory I would be most grateful to hear them via the website.”