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Frank Brothers Butchers, Bridge Street

Long standing city butchers, Frank Brothers, who had premises at numerous sites in the city since 1881 and only closed their final premises in 2014.

Pictured here is their early Bridge Street store with brothers Frank Charles Frank and Leonard Alexander Frank standing in the doorway.

From the Peterborough Telegraph (2014) …..

Frederick Frank came to England in 1871 and settled in Boston, where he opened his first butcher’s shop.

He then bought a store in Westgate, Peterborough, and opened it in 1881. The company operated from other premises in the city centre before settling in their current home.

The business prospered and he settled in the city but events took a turn for the worst after the First World War broke out in 1914.

Frederick was required to register as an alien because he was not a naturalised British citizen and within days of war being declared, the shop came under siege from rioters who booed, sang patriotic songs and then smashed up the property.

Frederick was later taken to a concentration camp after the government ruled that all aliens should be sent to them.

Frederick died in 1922 and his son Frank Charles Frank, who ironically had fought for Britain in the war, took over the business along with his brother Leonard.

Frank’s son Geoffrey then inherited the company and ran it up until his retirement in 2006 when he handed the reigns to his son Andrew.