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Fulbridge School – End of WW2 Party (1945)

Two superb images kindly provided by Lynne Dawkins and showing an end of war celebration in 1945 at Fulbridge School.

Lynne adds, “this is in the playground of Fulbridge School and was for the children of the surrounding streets. In the top picture, my mum (Gwyneth) is standing left, facing the camera. In front of her, seated, are her cousins Alan and Elaine Green, then her brothers Albert and Bryn, ?? and then her sister, Iris Hancocks. Some more names from the top photo, Audrey Swann, Bunty Woods, Pam Hornsby, Betty Swann, Brenda Sharpe, ? Wilson, ? Faulkner. Tony and Roger Runacre, whose father worked at Central Park …. he used to ring a bell to let people know the park was closing and then would lock all the gates. My Nan, Freda, is on the right standing and in the background is a bomb shelter”.