Home Pubs/Inns Paper Mills, Wansford (1925)

Paper Mills, Wansford (1925)

Standing on the Great North Road as it swings right into Wansford with the Paper Mills in the background right. The image below is a Google maps street view from a similar position in 2012.

Marcus Thompson adds, “The event taking place was a cycle race called the Oak Tandem 100. As the name suggests, it was a 100 mile race where the bikes in question were Oak tandems ! I have been informed by my Father, who is now 80 and used to be in Peterborough Cycle Club in his twenties, that Wansford was the probable turn around point for the bikes, so the starting place was maybe Stevenage or somewhere close by as these races were run up the Great North Road. You can see a tandem in the picture in front of the Paper Mills Pub”.

Image courtesy of Marcus Thompson from the Harold Burleigh Thompson collection