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Peterborough East Station (c.1964)

Thanks to Mara Poole for these excellent images captured by her father, Stefan Gronkowski, at or around Peterborough East Station in the mid 1960s. Mara’s comments are added below the images.


2. Peterborough East Station on 24th June 1964. This is a work stained Jubilee Class locomotive which had just been turned on the turntable at the time of taking the photo. Dad thinks the engine number is 45723, but he’s not entirely sure on this.

3. Taken on 24th June 1964 and featuring WD Class locomotive #90149 rumbling through Peterborough East Station heading westbound with a freight train. In the background you can just make out the floodlights of Peterborough United’s football ground.


7.  Taken on 24th June 1964, featuring locomotive 8F #48090 at Peterborough East Station. The shed plate is 6B, with the locomotive coming from Mold Junction in Wales. At the time of taking this photograph, the engine had been turned on the turntable and was waiting for its next turn of duty back to Mold Junction.

9. 48090 and 48614 taken at Peterborough East Station on 24th June 1964. The engines had just been turned on the turntable and were waiting their next turn of duty.