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Peterborough Mods

Probably dating back to the late 1960s, a group of Peterborough Mods.


From our Facebook group …….

  • Jane Abbott The picture’s not too good, but I think that’s Richard Drewniki (Laughing Boy) on the left.
  • Lin Llewelyn John Semeraro second from the left wearing a scarf.
  • Lin Llewelyn Peter Cyngier far right top photo.
  • Jane Abbott Blimey, there’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time.  Does anyone remember the infamous scooter ride in front of the stage at the Embassy while a film was on?  Someone opened both fire doors and two scooters rode through amid much cheering.
  • Lin Llewelyn I wasn’t there but heard the story at the time, nice one!
  • Rachael Pigott the scooter rider was Graham Foster
  • Rachael Pigott and it was Steve Gunn and Dave Hills that opened the fire doors
  • Jane Abbott Thanks Racheal.  Graham Foster – dark haired lad?  Good looking?
  • Rachael Pigott Do you remember Tab Taylor and Peter Newton
  • Jane Abbott I remember Tab.  Isn’t he with Mo now?  Peter Newton doesn’t ring any bells. I’m distantly related to Gunner.  Haven’t seen him for ages though.  There were two scooters, wasn’t Geoff Talbot on the other one?
  • Rachael Pigott Geoff was on the back of one of those bikes , Tab married Jackie LeHare , the 1st thursday of each month the peterborough mods meet in the Drapers Arms in Cowgate
  • Rachael Pigott Mo married Mick Amos
  • Jane Abbott Of course he did, I often see them (Tab and Jackie) in Sainsbury’s.  Loz Billingsley – riding  the other scooter?  Can anyone go to the Drapers or do you have to be a member?
  • Rachael Pigott anyone can go , they get a good crowd of them in there now x
  • Rachael Pigott unsure of her maiden name , will ask my uncleRachael Pigott my mum has informed me that she once “snogged Loz Billingsley , back in the day hahaha
  • Rachael Pigott he was quite a looker apparantly , wld love to see a pic if anyone has any
  • Jane Abbott Loz once gave me a lft home on his scooter.  I was the bee’s knees.  I wonder if her remembers???
  • Rachael Pigott Wld any of you remember my dad Ian King he had a brother called Terry , they both knocked about town in the 60s
  • Sandra Saira Ibrahim Marsh i only know one king and hes a little younger than me .How old would they be now ?
  • Rachael Pigott my dad was born 1947 and his brother was a yr or so older
  • Rachael Pigott they had an older brother tony who moved to london late 60s
  • Rachael Pigott Used to hang around with Richie, Phil , Pete, unsure of their surnames
  • Sandra Saira Ibrahim Marsh my mom may have known them i ask for you
  • Jane Abbott What was your Dad’s name, Rachael?
  • Rachael Pigott More members of Peterborough Mods were , Robin Wilde, Bunny Eglin,Nicky Farra, Slosh,Kissor,Tab Taylor, Scrubber, Shane, Douggy Hill, Cliff Raynor, Ken Wells and Pete Newton , Does anyone remember these ???
  • Ruth Smith I do  Slosh  (Dennis forest ) lives near me now  Nicky, kisser , Douggy all lived in West town what about Arthur foot (toots ) Ronny Smith , Phil Hadfield, Johnny Ingle,  Cobb Curtis,  Stan Frazer , few more to think about
  • Lin Llewelyn Yes, I remember them all!
  • Mike Collins Robin Wilde I knew from Perkins.
  • Mike Collins Jackie Lehair I knew from Wharf Road junior school
  • Rachael Pigott I know jackie too, she lives near me
  • Jane Abbott I know Robin Wilde.  I recently saw him cycling down Eastfield Road with a bowling bag on his handlebars.  He looked the epitome of respectablity!  I still see Cobb’s dad in the Con club, the original Cobber Curtis. Ken Wells hires out deck chairs on Hunstanton beach, bless him.  What happened to Toots?  I heard a rumour uyears ago that he had died – anyone confirm/deny?  Anyone remember H Woolard???
  • Rachael Pigott peterborough mods have a page on FB, might be worth checking that out too x
  • Rachael Pigott Toots is alive and well living in Australia , Woolard goes to the Drapers Arms for the MOD reunion with the rest of the boys
  • Jane Abbott Good news about Toots, thanks Rachael.  I thought Woolard would go in – any hint of a reunion and he’s in there like a rat up a drainpipe.  Bless him.
  • Ruth Smith Rachael Pigott do you remember toots sisters name please , also cheeky question how do you know Natalie Creed
  • Rachael Pigott I either worked with natalie or went to school with her, i cant remember !!  will find out toots sisters name for you