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The Grand Old Lady of Longthorpe

Two lovely old photos kindly supplied by Trudie Meadows who explained that the ‘Grand Old Lady of Longthorpe’ was her Great Grandmother who lived opposite the “Gleaner’s Barn” which was later levelled to make way for 3 terraced houses.

The top image, captured in 1934 is the only photo Trudie has that shows the barn and features (L-R) her Great Grandmother, Mother and, holding the dog, her Grandmother. The “Gleaner’s Barn” is behind them.

The group are standing in the garden of what is now Longthorpe Post Office which was opened by Trudie’s Grandmother in the early 1930’s and Trudie and her brother were the 6th generation of the family to have lived in the cottage.

The second image (below) features several of Trudie’s ancestors including her Great Great Grandmother second from left (who died in c.1904) and her Great Grandmother third from the left (aka ‘The Grand Old Lady of Longthorpe’).