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Thorney Windmill

A 1915 scene, looking along what was until recently the busy A47 as you enter Thorney with the windmill on the left …… the A47 now bypasses Thorney returning this road to somewhere nearer the quiet scene pictured.

Thorney Windmill was built of limestone and brick in 1787 with six sails. During its existance, it has been through many changes of owner and most of all – many changes of paintwork ! The windmill is 6 storeys high, about 92 feet tall and sits on The Causeway, Thorney – previously named Peterborough Road.

During the second world war, four German prisoners of war used the mill as a base. The sails fell off in the early 1930’s and the original roof collapsed some years later. In 1989, the mill’s shell was converted into a private dwelling by a local builder and has been a private home ever since.