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Wentworth Street (1970s)

Looking up Wentworth Street in the early 1970s when Bourges Boulevard was being constructed. On the left is the old Telephone Exchange and further along the still standing Methodist Church. The foreground right shows the construction of possibly Peterborough’s ugliest building, the Woolworths / TKMaxx “block” !

From our Facebook group ……

  • Greg Briers sure we used to go to soul nights in the crypt of the church…..’The Soul Cellar’
  • Richard Morris I was christened in that church , my Grandparents were regular members , in them days the crypt held jumble sales and used for storage !!!
  • Karan Allden I’m not sure if I have the right place was there a place there called the palli
  • Richard Morris Yes the Palais was on this road , it was about where that car is parked on the left hand side. It was an entertainment venue then later a bingo hall .
  • George Meadows And before that it was Burdett’s Garage Richard and I decided a while ago.
  • Richard Morris I knew it was a garage but couldn’t remember who it was .
  • Karan Allden I remember my nan talking about it and I think I can just about remember it being there
  • Christine Keating Worked at Palais Bingo for a while in the mid 80’s,,,hated it….put me off bingo since …lol
  • Mike Collins Wasn’t there a bingo hall between the telephone exchange and the methodist church at some point?
  • Mike Collins Ok should have read the rest before posting ! Lol
  • Richard Morris Yes , thats the Palais we are talking about !!!
  • Adele Gardner I worked for BT in the 1980s, the last office I worked in was at the top of that building.
  • Ruth Smith My dad , my sister , my 2 brothers all worked for what was then the GPO
  • Andria Owen I worked at BT too in the 80’s ( it was the GPO when I started) šŸ™‚
  • Chris Allen Mac fisheries used to be on the corner where TKMaxx is now.
  • Sue Pearce I used to go to blood donor sessions in the crypt of the Methodist Church when I worked in town in the 1960s.Ā  Also used to go dancing at the Palais (ex garage which later became the bingo hall).Ā  I remember seeing all the well-known 60s bands there, also Tom Jones!
  • Adele Gardner Which department did you work for Andria Owen? I also joined when it was the GPO. I was in Traffic and then Operator Services when most of the offices moved to Cambridge.
  • Paul Thompson I used to go to Sunday school at the Methodist church approx 1967/70. The wonderful Ms Esward was the organiser. She was lovely. I know she eventually settled in Dickens Street but she lived in Westwood Street at that time.
  • Jennie Richardson It will always be called Woolies regardless of which company use the building!
  • Debbie Howard It seems a lot of lovely buildings were flattened in the 70’s šŸ™
  • Ruth Smith Adrian Owen and Adele Gardener my dad worked on the telephones as evening supervisor( Roland Baxter ) my sister Jane daytime telephones my brother Kim Baxter think he has covered various jobs there and still works there
  • Andria Owen Adele Gardner – I worked as a telephonist – operator services and Ruth Smith – I think I knew your brother – if he had longish hair then yes I did
  • Ruth Smith Yes both my brothers worked there but Mark left in the late 70sĀ  I think you are thinking of Kim
  • Andria Owen Yes it was definitely Kim šŸ™‚
  • Adele Gardner Andria Owen I worked in Operator Services briefly during the restructuring and closure of other exchanges, 1987 – 88. I left when I had my eldest.