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Willson’s Canadian Pig Powders (c.1920s ?)

An advertising card issued by Peterborough’s Stephen Willson who was the sole trader of his Canadian Pig Powders that promised to “cure ills, prevent disease and make pigs more profitable” !

The Willson family can be traced back to Alford, Lincolnshire born Stephen John Willson who moved to the city in the 1880s and was operating as a chemist on Park Road in the early 1890s.

Stephen’s son William Tate Willson started out as an agricultural labourer before adapting his father’s pharmaceutical skills to establish a cattle medicine manufacturing business at 7 Lime Tree Avenue by the start of the 1900s. The address also claimed to be home to “a big experimental piggery” !

William’s son Stephen Osbert Geoffrey Willson (born 1900) appears to have taken the business on in the 1920s still operating from the same address.