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Woodcroft Castle – Etton

Built in the 13th century as a fortified manor house, Woodcroft Castle is today a private house (not open to the public). It is also home to one of the areas’ most gruesome and well-known ghosts, said to be the ghost of Dr. Michael Hudson, the owner of the house at the time of the Civil War.

When the castle was stormed by Roundhead soldiers in June 1648, Dr Hudson attempted to escape by dangling from the ramparts. He was found by Roundhead soldiers who cut off his hands, causing him to plunge into the moat below. On being dragged out of the moat by the vengeful soldiers, Dr Hudson was disembowelled and had his tongue ripped out.

It is said Dr Hudson’s gruesome death is annually re-enacted in spectral form, whilst his ghostly screams have often been heard by witnesses. There are other ghosts said to lurk in the castle, but it is Dr. Hudson’s tragic story that captures the imagination and chills the blood !!!