Peterborough District Hospital 2013

Superb drone footage showing Peterborough District Hospital in 2013 just before it was brought crashing to the ground.  

Training School Nurses (1968)

Nurses from the Preliminary Training School at Peterborough Memorial Hospital in 1968.

Memorial Hospital Opening Programme (1928)

The souvenir programme from the 1928 opening of Peterborough's Memorial Hospital.

Midland Road (1981)

A view of Midland Road in 1981 captured from the junction with Thorpe Road.

Baxter & Guion, Potato Merchants

A lorry from Baxter & Guion who were potato merchants. This mid 1960s image was probably taken near their office on Midland Road.

Cole & Son Nurseries, Midland Road

A lovely old 1923/1924 plant catalogue issued by JW Cole & Son nurseries on Midland Road.

New Legion Club (1920)

This old 1920 image shows the New Legion Club which was soon to be lost under the development of the War Memorial Hospital which...

Peterborough District Hospital (1940s)

The operating theatre at Peterborough District Hospital being sandbagged for wartime protection in the early 1940s.

NI Yeomanry Leaving Peterborough (1914)

I have to confess this is an image I know nothing about apart from the text "NI Yeomanry Leaving Peterborough 1914". I neither know...