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Taverners Road

The junction of Westfield Road, Westwood Street and Taverners Road. On the left, a short way into Taverners Road, is Cyril Mundy’s Cycle Shop where many an ‘en route to Baker Perkins’ worker would frequent with their puncture problems. Probably dated to early 1960s.

From our Facebook group ……

  • Linda Aque Yes, this is at the bottom of the bridge. I remember the cycle shop. I can’t remember what the shop sold.
    • George MeadowsI don’t know about what Warwick’s was but going back to 1940 it was Hick’s grocers and off licence and in the early 60’s it was run by …….. Mr Westwood, and yes I remember him!
    • Stephen MamoneDoes not surprise me, George. I think the second word below Warwick’s reads “Ware” but my newly purchased magnifying glass is as much use as a chocolate fireguard 🙁
    • Richard MorrisThere was also on the left hand side where the fence is the St Marks School playing field opposite Jellings Builders .
    • Sue Kiddle MamonePurchased a house built by Jellings in 1972
    • Richard MorrisClifford Jellings were another good old fashioned local builders who I’m afraid don’t exist now ,more the shame .
    • Peter TibbsI think that’s Jellings Builders old yard ?
    • Peter TibbsI work there is an apprentice carpenter , thanks for the picture George
    • George MeadowsIt was Stephens picture Peter. So you would know Geoff then and there was also Norman who I remember from a long time ago.
    • Peter TibbsYes both of them, still see Geoff , he has some units in Fengate some one I know rents one, I also remember the lady on the main desk in Jellings as Millie back in the early 70s
    • Richard MorrisJellings built an extension to my parents garage in the late fifties , I am led to believe that one of the brickie’s was Ray Cook who later went on to run his own business from Crowland .
    • George MeadowsRay did work for us when he was with my cousin Cliff Jellings, there was also Alec/Alex the carpenter, also Nelson and Harry, do you remember them Richard?
    • Richard MorrisNo I don’t recognise those names , however my parents used Ray for quite abit of work when we we moved house to Thorpe Rd in the sixties , and when my father had the Eastern Cleaners factory in Crowland . He was a very good builder and a very nice man.