Taverners Road

The junction of Westfield Road, Westwood Street and Taverners Road. On the left, a short way into Taverners Road, is Cyril Mundy's Cycle Shop...

Medlock Grocers on Taverners Road (1960s)

Mrs Medlock's grocers shop on Taverners Road just opposite the junction with Summerfield Road ...... pictured in the 1960s.

Taverners Road in the 1960s

Looking up Taverners Road from the junction with Gladstone Street which, at this time and unlike today, had right of way at the crossing. From...

Gladstone Street/Taverners Road (c.1910)

A wonderful scene marked as with bicycles sharing the road with horses ! Marked as Gladstone Street but it does look more like Taverners Road with Gladstone...

Gladstone Street (c.1908)

Looking ahead along Gladstone Street with Taverners Road crossing left to right. The Post Office on the left is still there in 2014 and is...