Six Bells, Westwood Street

Day tripping regulars from the Six Bells on Westwood Street supping ale at a hostelry in Skegness - date unknown

Westwood Street (1959)

Westwood Street pictured in 1959. Today, this would be Bourges Boulevard and the walking man centre image would be in front of the Volunteer...

The Pilot – Westwood Street

The Pilot pub on Westwood Street at the junction with Russell Street. At the time, Russell Street directly faced Mayors Walk when it used...

Willey’s Newsagents, Westgate

The top end of Westgate in the 1960s when the road used to continue round to the right and become Westwood Street. At the...

Railway Inn, Westwood Street

The Railway Inn on Westwood Street with Bright Street heading left in the foreground. Today you would be more or less looking at Bourges...

The Pilot, Westwood Street (1950s)

The Pilot pub on Westwood Street near the junction with Russell Street in the 1950s.

Cobden Arms, Westwood Street (1970s)

The Cobden Arms on Westwood Street in the early 1970s.

View from Spital Bridge (1960s)

Coming down off Spital Bridge on Mayors Walk and looking ahead to Russell Street in the distance with Westwood Street crossing left to right. Today the...

Westwood Street (1960s)

Most of Westwood Street was lost under the development of Bourges Boulevard but this section remains today as the lower end of Mayors Walk...